About the Property

The property’s history: a journey through time in the Keweenaw.

Fresh Coast Cabins is nestled into the rocky Lake Superior shoreline just three miles south of Copper Harbor in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.

The 27-acre property is home to nine cabins ranging from rustic to renovated, and inside the completely refurbished main building is a modern guest suite.

In 2020, before the world shut down for COVID-19, we drove by the Eagle Lodge and Lakeside Resort property.

The peeling stucco, fading paint, and lackluster building against a beautiful Lake Superior stuck out. And not in a good way…

But we were able to see past the rough exterior to imagine what it could be like, and by June, we were the new owners!

Each cabin and the lodge were in need of repair and love, giving us a blank slate to create a curated cabin experience for those willing to adventure to Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula—the most beautiful place on earth.

The property first opened as Lakeside Resort sometime around the late 30s or early 1940s.

Since then, the main building—now Revontulet—has served as a private residence, a German bar and restaurant, and most recently, Eagle Lodge Lakeside Cabins. This is a space where so many danced, laughed, drank, and celebrated the many joys that are vacationing on Lake Superior in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The past lives of the nine cabins are steeped in a bit more mystery. From what we know, they were built at different times throughout the various ownerships.

Any history buffs out there want to help us out with more intel? Shoot us a line!

We’re now on a five-year plan to renovate each of the property’s buildings through a labor of love, sweat, sometimes tears, and always laughter… usually at ourselves.

When we bought the property, our first impression was not great.

The plan was to demo all of the cabins and the main building to start from the ground up!

But then…the old buildings grew on us and with our renewed spirit, we re-envisioned everything.

By the holiday season we were neck deep in gutting the lodge, and ripping off the 1,500 square foot roof the following April. (Classic Lynn + Jason.)

Bringing our vision to life.

Fare una bella figura.

It’s Italian for “to make a beautiful face,” but the translated meaning we love is to make a beautiful first impression. That was our focus.

When you visit Fresh Coast Cabins nowadays, things look quite a bit different and are constantly evolving.

Now, each year during our spring cleaning we’re thinking about your first impressions. That moment when you pull up to the property and stretch out after a long car ride, taking in your home base for Keweenaw adventures over the coming days.

Simply put—we love hosting and sharing this special place with our guests.

The cabins

Skip the tent in our nine cozy cabins that offer plenty of launch pads for your Keweenaw adventures! There’s something for everyone depending on budget, square footage, rustic to mid-century modern vibes, a private patio with firepit, and even a dog-friendly cabin.

The Revontulet

Inside the beautifully remodeled Revontulet building (the old lodge) you’ll find a cozy ground-floor shoppe and the two new Aurora Suites: Aurora Major upstairs and soon, the Aurora Minor downstairs.

The fire pit

The community firepit next to the lakeshore is a natural gathering spot where at any moment you might find guests chatting and enjoying the view. This is also the venue of our weekly tradition—Superior Fridays at Fresh Coast Cabins. Wood-fired pizza, a drinkshare, and a Lake Superior bonfire make Fresh Coast Cabins the best Friday night destination in the Keweenaw.

The Aurora Suites

The Aurora Major Suite, which opened in 2022, is 1,000 sq. ft of luxurious, woodsy vibes with a private deck and outdoor gas fireplace overlooking the water. Guests don’t have to leave the comfort of their bedroom to gaze out into the Superior abyss or witness the Keweenaw northern lights reflect on the water.

Aurora Minor is a studio space under renovation that’s scheduled to open by 2024!