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We tried to keep this place the Keweenaw's best kept secret but the word is getting out! Find us in these spots around the internet.

Why Now is the Time to Plan a Northern Lights Trip

The sun runs through roughly 11-year cycles of activity. During “solar minimum,” storms are milder; fewer particles reach Earth, which means less frequent, and quieter, displays. Solar maximum, on the other hand, sees the lights at their brightest and most vivid—and it’s coming sooner than initially predicted.

Northern Lights in the U.P.

Tonight we chase the Northern Lights. 2024 and 2025 look to be great years to see the Aurora Borealis and the U.P. is the best place to see them (in the lower 48)! Discover how they’re created and tips to know when you should be on the lookout.

These Cozy New Cabins Are the Perfect Gateway to Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park

“Come for the Lake Superior views and hygge-filled cabins; stay for the invaluable Isle Royale backpacking expertise.”

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Where to Travel Next: The Best Trips to Take in 2022

Isle Royale National Park, Michigan: “Fresh Coast Cabins, the passion project of a couple of longtime Upper Peninsula residents…make for an ideal base camp from which to explore the park’s 165 miles of trails.”

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Copper Country is Calling: Find Your Perfect Keweenaw Peninsula Getaway

“A newly imagined crop of cozy lodges, historic hotels and snug cabins on the Keweenaw is the perfect reason to head north.” logo

10 Reasons Fall Is The Best Time To Paddle Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

“While most visitors to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula plan their paddling adventures during the summer months, fall is a uniquely spectacular and rewarding time to dip your paddle in the diverse waters of this beautiful region.”

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These 20 Incredible Cabins Are Some Of The Best Kept Secrets In The U.S.

“….the very definition of hygee; next-level accommodations are sure to fuel and inspire your wanderlust.”

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