Loll Designs and Fresh Coast Cabins

Our Search for the Perfect Outdoor Furniture

Lollygagger lounge chair outdoor furniture

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At Fresh Coast Cabins, we’ve thought about what we want from our outdoor furniture and a company. Loll Designs checks everything on our list and so much more—we couldn’t be more pleased! These are the reasons why we chose them.

Magical Campfire Moments

One of the favorite spots for folks—including ourselves!— to gather at Fresh Coast is around our shared firepit. This was really intentional when we concepted the property layout because our own lifelong experiences around campfires have taught us that this is where the magic happens. We were set on a perfectly designed chair experience to facilitate the enjoyment felt when guests from all walks of life gather around the fire. Enter Loll. Loll makes that chair!

Sturdy, Beautiful, and Comfortable

In addition to design elements that would compliment the natural beauty of our spot on the Lake Superior shore, we needed outdoor furniture built to withstand the forces of nature. It must also elevate our guests’ experience by giving them a super comfy spot to kick back and relax. Given the Keweenaw’s gusty storms, this seemed like a daunting trifecta—until we found Loll Designs!

Loll Designs is a Green Company

Their wares are made partially from recycled plastic and they walk the talk with their eco-initiatives. Environmental stewardship is the key to enjoying the Keweenaw and its many wonders, so choosing companies who are actively working to make the planet a better place is a must-have for us.

Location, Location, Location

Based in Duluth, MN where all their designs are created and manufactured right here in the USA, the local connection was a key selling point. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from Fresh Coast, we were able to cruise over there and see the Loll products in person and see where our beautiful new furniture is made. That is not something that happens every day when shopping for products, and we’re here for it.

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Why We Chose Loll Designs’ Lollygagger Collection for Fresh Coast Cabins

The Fresh Coast Cabins design aesthetic is what we lovingly call, “fancy rustic.”
We aspire to create for our guests an elevated experience where the sweet, rustic vibes of the lakeside cabins are complemented by the modern beauty and comfort of the outdoor furniture. Fancy enough that you feel like you have everything you need while still fostering your connection with nature. Too lofty a goal? We think not!

We immediately fell in love with their Lollygagger Collection when shopping for our new outdoor Loll furniture. It fits our modern + chill style and perfectly complements the Lake Superior backdrop. The Lollygagger outdoor lounge chairs are super duper comfy with or without a cushion. Our favorite feature is the integrated bottle opener hidden under the right arm—perfect for sippin’ on those Fresh Coast brews by the lake. Cheers!

Loll Designs outdoor furniture

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The Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for sustainably made, deliciously comfortable, beautiful outdoor furniture built to last, we highly recommend Loll Designs! We love everything about them and what they stand for. Plus, we’re a little obsessed with how beautiful their chairs look at Fresh Coast.

One word of caution, though—once you sit down in a Loll chair, you might never want to get up.

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The Fine Print

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