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Eagle Harbor Beach

Get out that selfie stick and prepare for the envy of your downstate friends, as you relax on the Keweenaw's most photographed beach.

Don't Forget
Pick up some firewood (local only, please) and s'more supplies to enjoy over one of the beach fire pits.
Best Time to Go

Fresh Coast Tip

For the best photos, follow the footpath around the beach and northward about ¾ of a mile to Koop-Black Cove, a tiny stretch of public shoreline that offers postcard-worthy views of the beach, the harbor, and of course the lighthouse.

The lakeside village of Eagle Harbor is home to a small but sublime white-sand beach nestled within the harbor’s natural rock enclosure.

Along with its shallow, serene water, this family-friendly beach features a guard rope, a slide, an anchored raft, and a volleyball net. But by far the best feature of this beach is its iconic view, with the red brick Eagle Harbor Lighthouse standing sentinel to the north, a half-sunk volcanic reef to the west, and a sweeping view of passing “lakers” (freighters) and “salties” (ocean-going ships) framed dramatically by the surrounding rocky capes.

The charm of this beach is only enhanced by the village’s curiosities.

Easily explored by bike or on foot, Eagle Harbor features a historic schoolhouse and general store, both built in the mid-19th century, a playground with swings, basketball court and a climbing wall, a baseball field, an agate and souvenir shop, and a fishing hole at the far end of the creek that runs through town.

With on-street parking and public restrooms available, this is definitely a tourist-friendly town, so don’t be shy about snapping those photos.