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Holy Transfiguration Monastic Park

In pursuit of peace and the beauty of nature, the Holy Transfiguration Monastic Park is a gem of an area to explore.

Adventure Details
Moderate, 2.5 miles, multiple loops.
Don't Forget
Trails near the river can be slippery especially after a rain. Use extreme caution around the river and mine ruins.

There are four separate trails within the park so plan a couple of hours to experience them all.

Curated and maintained by the monks of Holy Transfiguration Skete, this 2.5-mile trail system offers delights at every turn.

Fresh Coast Tip

The parking area can be hard to locate. Look for a shield marking the trailhead with a symbol that looks like a cross but includes a slanted line through the bottom section. Trail maps are available from the Jampot and they are not to scale.

You’ll find yourself walking through history as you view the large piles of tailings and ruins of the Arnold Mine. Follow Jacob’s Creek as it twists and turns through the forest before it meets up with Lake Superior and you’ll be rewarded with a view of Upper Jacob’s Falls. The trail holds many surprises along the way from handmade benches and tables to beautiful bridges and even a pond.

Keep an eye out for wildlife and take note of the orchards where nature’s bounty is grown for the monk’s jams, jellies, cookies, truffles, and alcohol moistened breads.

You’d be silly not to stop by and visit the Jampot after your explorations by following Eagle Harbor cutoff road down to M-26 and heading toward Eagle River. It is best not to enter hungry and be ready to wait as this location typically has a line out the door to purchase the decadent, artisan goods.

Photo: Hans Isaacson / @outdoorpixs