Hungarian Falls

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Hungarian Falls

Another one of those Keweenaw gems hiding just around the corner, Hungarian Falls is a true local treasure.

Visit Duration
45 minutes to an hour is perfect.
Adventure Details
Moderate, 3+ miles round trip, 269 ft. elevation gain.
Don't Forget
Sturdy hiking shoes, bug spray, swimsuit or change of clothes, binoculars.

Fresh Coast Tip

Trails can often be eroded or steep, so be sure to watch your footing.

This multi-tiered waterfall tumbling into a huge sandstone gorge is a breathtaking cascade in spring, an icy swimming hole in summer, and a vibrant canopy of color in autumn.

While conveniently located between Calumet and Hubbell, the falls are anything but a quick sightseeing stop on your way somewhere else—they are an adventure in their own right.

The waterfall chain begins with Upper Falls, where Dover Creek slides down a 20-foot staircase of craggy volcanic boulders that make up part of the billion-year-old Keweenaw Fault. Continue up the trail to Middle Falls, a 25-foot vertical plunge over sandstone ledges that ends in a small pool—visit in July or August, and you’re likely to find people splashing in it.

Keep going and you’ll end up at Lower Falls, a 100-foot drop that is truly stunning when the water flow is high—many say it’s one of the state’s most beautiful waterfalls. It’s true that the best view of Lower Falls is from the base, but as there’s no trail, this slippery downward climb should only be attempted by experienced hikers who don’t mind risking their limbs (or camera gear).

The view from the top is nothing to shrug at, anyway, with its unique perspective over Torch Lake, the creek’s final destination.

Photo: Hans Isaacson / @outdoorpixs