Explore the Keweenaw

Manganese Falls

On an island full of beautiful waterfalls, Manganese Falls is not only one of the most unique, but also holds the distinction of being the last waterfall before you reach the tip of the Keweenaw.

Visit Duration
5-minute pitstop, or longer if you hike down.
Adventure Details
Moderate to difficult, 0.4 miles round trip, 16 ft. elevation gain.
Don't Forget
Sturdy shoes, hiking pole, bug spray.

However, this hidden gem doesn’t reveal its beauty to just anyone.

First, there’s the matter of finding the falls: The trailhead signage doesn’t appear until late spring, and the trail is hard to spot.

Second, there’s the terrain: The climb to the base of the falls is steep, rocky, and slippery. You can definitely enjoy the vista from above, but limit your viewing to a small number of people.

If you’re game for a short but challenging hike with a fair amount of scrambling required, start to your left and work your way down the side of the gorge. Keep going past the designated overlook (the surrounding trees don’t offer much of a view) all the way to the foot of the falls.

Fresh Coast Tip

If visiting during late summer, adjust your expectations—the lower creekflow naturally means a less spectacular cascade. That said, it’s also a great time to cool off in the creek.

Take a moment to enjoy the fairyland atmosphere of this mossy-walled box canyon, then begin making your way back up on the opposite side of the gorge.

This trail offers far better views of the waterfall’s 45-foot drop, and rewards the steep climb up the other side with a boreal oasis, with French Annie Creek trickling into a series of terraced pools before plunging into a gurgling cauldron that cascades into the gorge.

Honestly, words fail to fully capture the magic of this tranquil forest refuge—you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Photo: Hans Isaacson / @outdoorpixs