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We’ve all been there – the vacation snag. The thing that turns a 10/10 week into an 8/10.

Maybe it’s a bad meal, or not making a reservation at the place with the good meal. Maybe you couldn’t find the trailhead to that hike, or there was an amazing hike you had no idea about until check-out. Whatever it is, we’re here to mitigate the chance of it ever happening again (in the Keweenaw, at least)!

How We Help

The hard part is over – you’ve decided on your trip of a lifetime at Fresh Coast Cabins, and we couldn’t be more excited to have you!

All that’s left to do now is plan your itinerary. For us, this is the fun part – and we’re here to make sure it’s the easy part, too.

When you book a virtual trip planning experience with us, we’ll schedule a 30-minute one-on-one Google Meet session to go over your trip goals, needs, and dreams.


We’ll come with a few questions for you about your interests, how you like to vacation / experience new places, and whether you have concerns or questions of your own about Keweenawland. 

responsibly hiking in nature

Then we’ll create a custom itinerary designed for you to have that 10/10 vacation you deserve.

Book Your Adventure Guidance Session

Appointments are booked through Google Meet and last for 30 minutes. Please arrive a few minutes early to test your camera and microphone.

After the appointment, your trip plan will be crafted for you within two weeks. Let the vacay vibes flow! If you don’t see a time that works with your schedule, email with a few options that work better for you.

Why Trip Planning?

We’ll be the first to acknowledge that the Keweenaw is a unique place to visit. It’s why we love it! But with a sense of adventure comes the need for a little extra awareness, so you can feel relaxed even while exploring.

We also know that a lack of cell service and internet connection can hinder guests’ ability to feel comfortable in their surroundings up here.

This consultation is designed to shave off all that time worrying and wondering. We’ll talk you through hikes, historic sites, sunset spots, and where to go for happy hour. Because if at the end of your trip, you’ve been converted into a Keweenaw-er – that’s a win for us.

Our Keweenaw guidebook is a great resource and is available in every cabin.

Still, as every vacationer knows all too well, the challenge can be in how to best use your time to see and do as much as possible – while still having energy to build a fire at day’s end!

A Keweenaw Trifecta

A sample itinerary of a top-notch Keweenaw day.

Morning: Coffee and rock picking at Hunter’s Point Park

Brew up some of that Keweenaw Coffee (our special FCC blend 🥳) from your gift basket and pack it to go! Just 3 miles up the road on MI-26, you’ll find Hunter’s Point, a beachfront park in Copper Harbor filled with a treasure trove of Lake Superior rocks and agates. After gathering your gems, pick up lunch or groceries from the Genny to bring back to the cabin to regroup, or, if your luck is right, grab something from the town food trucks.

Afternoon: Hike Mount Baldy

In the afternoon, hit the road again, but in the opposite direction – 10 miles down in Eagle Harbor, you’ll find the Nicole Bloom Memorial Trailhead, known affectionately as Mount Baldy. The hike is 3 miles out and 3 miles back, so be sure to bring water and a snack! But the views are unbeatable, and you’ll get a great sense of geographical layout.

Sunset: Sunset on Brockway Mountain

Make sure you know what time sunset is! You’ll want to give yourself at least half an hour to make the drive up Brockway Mountain and snag a sunset-gazing spot. We like to bring blankets and something to cheers with when the sun goes down.

Ready for More?

Explore, hike, or relax with plenty of activities for the perfect getaway. You’ll find all the details including trip complexity, local tips, best times to visit, and GPS coordinates to help you easily find your destination.


Hungarian Falls

Another one of those Keweenaw gems hiding just around the corner, Hungarian Falls is a true local treasure.


Quincy Mine

Standing 5 stories high on the ridge that forms the Keweenaw’s base, the Quincy Mine is the first to let you know you’ve arrived in Copper Country.