Explore the Keweenaw

Let Fresh Coast Cabins inspire your next Keweenaw adventure.

10 Activities


McClain State Park

F.J. Mclain State Park boasts over 400 acres of wooded trails, sandy bluffs, clean beaches, and (relatively) calm waters, as well as cabins, campgrounds, picnic shelters, scenic overlooks, playgrounds, and even an ice cream stand.


Isle Royale

You might know Isle Royale as the only national park in Michigan. You might not know that it's also the least-visited and the most revisited national park in the entire system.


Gratiot River Park

In the mood for an outdoor adventure with a little less effort involved? Take a low-key trip to Gratiot River Park.


Eagle Harbor Beach

Get out that selfie stick and prepare for the envy of your downstate friends, as you relax on the Keweenaw's most photographed beach.


Holy Transfiguration Monastic Park

In pursuit of peace and the beauty of nature, the Holy Transfiguration Monastic Park is a gem of an area to explore.


Estivant Pines

Despite the buzz of ATVs along the adjoining roads, a reverent hush pervades this boreal forest sanctuary.


Fort Wilkins State Park

Ever wonder what life was like during the mining heyday that gave Copper Harbor its name? Fort Wilkins State Park has the answers.


Esrey Park

Fair warning: a "quick" pull-over stop could turn into spending all day at this magical coastal green space.


Hebard Park

Whet your appetite for adventure with a visit to Hebard Park, just up the road from Fresh Coast Cabins.


Getting to Michigan’s Isle Royale: Ferries or Sea Plane?

Take the Isle Royale ferries or seaplanes from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to get to one of the least visited, but most re-visited, U.S. national parks.