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33 Activities


Eagle Harbor Beach

Get out that selfie stick and prepare for the envy of your downstate friends, as you relax on the Keweenaw's most photographed beach.


Lake Superior Shipwrecks

Searching for shipwrecks along the Keweenaw coast is a great way to experience the magic and mystery of this remote peninsula.


Mount Baldy

Ask any local about the best hike in the Keweenaw, and odds are good they'll recommend Mount Baldy.


Eagle Harbor Lighthouse

One of the Keweenaw's most iconic landmarks, the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse is a piece of living history.


Agate Harbor

A 3-mile underwater preserve that runs along the volcanic shoreline, Agate Harbor is a hot spot for geological wonders.


Lake Medora

With its curvaceous shoreline and wealth of hidden inlets, Lake Medora is known as one of the best fishing lakes in the Keweenaw.


Holy Transfiguration Monastic Park

In pursuit of peace and the beauty of nature, the Holy Transfiguration Monastic Park is a gem of an area to explore.


Bare Bluff

Bare Bluff features hands-down the best view in the Keweenaw (some say in the entire Upper Peninsula), but you'll have to work for it.


Brockway Mountain

Located just off the northernmost stretch of US-41, Brockway Mountain drive is only 10 miles long, but traveling it may take you up to an hour with all the pull-offs to take in the scenery of the surrounding shoreline, woodlands, and lakes.


High Rock Bay

The Keweenaw's reputation as the "end of the world" probably came from a visit to High Rock Bay.


Manganese Falls

On an island full of beautiful waterfalls, Manganese Falls is not only one of the most unique, but also holds the distinction of being the last waterfall before you reach the tip of the Keweenaw.


Estivant Pines

Despite the buzz of ATVs along the adjoining roads, a reverent hush pervades this boreal forest sanctuary.